My Pac Is Drunk Last Updated on: 9/3/2013
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Pac-Man series of Midway Mfg Co

Symptom: Pac-Man looks drunk

Game plays fine, but (1)there is a faint band rolling through the picture (2) a heavy black bar rolling through the picture with a loud hum heard on the speaker (3) a thin band scrolling thru the picture with or without an accompanying hum (4) a flag-like, almost invisible weave/wave going across the picture.


If you want to fix it one time & forget it, then change the 4 block fuse holder & Scotch-Brite the fuse ends. Next, get a Molex 22/44 edge connector with split pins (same as Jamma) and cut the wires about a ¼" up from the old never was a connector, one at a time & transfer them into the same positions in the Molex edge connector.

Solid Pac for a lifetime.....forget the caps on the pcb other than resoldering C6 & C7, as these sometimes have a cold soldered leg, about 2 percent of cases, but nevertheless a possibility.
When one of my ops has a Pac series trouble, you can bet it is on-board, because Molex keeps on ticking & the newer heavier fuse blocks last & last, unlike the flimsy ones originally installed.

As you can see from the picture of 2 old Amp Pac connectors at the left, the weak solid, but flimsy pins in the Amp housing are very stressed & scorched. In fact, only 5 or 6 pins are still clean & tight looking, which is what is needed for a good connection for the AC to pass through to the pcb unscathed.

The parts necessary to do this are on the "Parts Page". The fuse block is $3 & the Molex connector is $5.50 and purchased together they are $7.50 plus $5 shipping USPS Priority.

Happy Gaming...........

Rams-Roms-Proms-Eproms can be found on the "Parts Page"

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