My Old Arcade What it looked like before the add-on. Last Updated on: 7/5/2011
This is how my Arcade started out. 
To see what it currently looks like take a look at Current Arcade!
Well, since converting my Master Bedroom into the Master Arcade, I found the need to re-arrange it so that I can fit more games into it. This also means that it will be more difficult to get to a game if it breaks. Such is life. I must have room for more games :-)
Pictures as of 11/24/2001

Part 1 of the Williams Wall.  

Part 2 of the Williams Wall. Need Joust in there. Must work on it.  

Yes it says "Hot Shots Tennis", but its really the home of my Namco Classics! I'll change the marquee soon!

NOTE: 9 years later and it still hasn't been changed !

Mrs. Pac Man and Gyruss!
For those who have never seen a Z cabinet, you can see that its called that because its shaped just like a big Z

Pictures as of 7/2/2000

Ok, the new baby has arrived and taking its place in the game room. Its a bouncing baby Robotron (Except that its the full size ). These pictures are as of 6/23/2000

 These pictures are as of 6/14/2000.

So far I have 8 games in this room. I have another 10 games waiting to make their way into the game room. Yeah Right! Ok, so I don't think I'm going to get 18 games in this room. Lucky for me, I have room in the dinning room :-)


Here are the games waiting to make their way into the game room.



This is what the Arcade USED to look like. Only 4 games in it. I liked the layout because you could see all the games at one time and I could get into the back of each game easily. The problem: Can't fit many in there.  


Solution: Re-arrange the games to optimally fit as many in as possible. There are currently 7 games in there and I think I can squeeze 3 more in there. After that.... Who knows :-)





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