Need a monitor repaired?  Talk to this guy!
This is the site for Multi-Kong! Play both Donkey Kong and DK Jr on the same board. This site also contains extensive information on repairing your Donkey Kong.
Need to fix Pac Man? Look no further! This is the site. Also contains an excellent FAQ on Logic Probes. Lots of other good technical information can be found here as well such as Gottlieb, Midway, Sega info and more.
Need to swap the tube on your monitor? Check out this page!
Has some good technical Information on fault diagnosis.
When it comes to repairing games. Randy is the man. Randy has Videos for sale, a CD ROM packed with information, or you can go to one of his classes. This is a must for anyone looking into repairing games are not too familiar with electronics or who want to learn to do it the right way.
If you're looking for Information on Williams games, Search no further! Sean's site is by far the best source of information for Williams games hands down.
This site has a lot of good basic information if you're trying to troubleshoot a game and have no idea where to start.
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