Excellent site for those looking to restore a Baby Pac-Man! Lots of photos and information! Check it out.
A nice write up on how Dave Pinx restored his Crystal Castles machine. Lots of great pictures!
Dave's Classic Arcade has a nice Donkey Kong restoration page.
"Even though my Gorf Cabinet is in pretty good shape, I've taken it upon myself to help fellow Gorfians restore their cabs to their former glory! All I really need for my cabinet is a control panel and mine's complete - but I intend to do more than just that. So far there are three targetted items to be reproduced - the Side-art, the Monitor Glass and the Metal Control Panel itself." - Gorf Home Page
Dave's Classic Arcade has a nice Mario Brothers restoration page.
All, I can say is WOW. This restoration gave me the inspiration for my Wacko Restoration. Take a look at Image 34 on that page. The power supply looks brand new.
Lots of excellent pictures here. I'm using some of the pictures form here as a reference for my Q*Bert restoration.
A new site about Anthony's Robotron Restoration. He just started the page and it looks really nice. I'm looking forward to seeing his restoration progress.
Excellent site for Star Wars Restoration! Simply amazing what Dave has done so far! If you own a Star Wars, then this is a MUST visit site!
Williams Duramold Games Website for The Plastic Cabinets Made by Williams in the early 80's.
Games like Sinistar/Blaster and Bubbles.
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