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This story is from a guy named Dan Todd. Dan sent me an E-Mail telling me about how he repainted his Stargate. Thanks Dan! Here is his story: I did a ground up cabinet restoration of my Stargate.

Stripped it to the original graphics, puttied all the holes with Elmers carpenters wood putty. Been using this putty for years and has yet to break loose. Sanded the Cabinet smooth and sprayed the front top and back door with black. Next I taped the edges, letting the masking tape stick out a bit, so I didn't get any over spray on the front or back.

Paint the entire sides with red and then complete the graphics from there. I found three coats of spray gave me a coat with real sheen to it. I used Rustoleum Brand paint. Found in pints,quarts, and gallons.

These colors gave me in my opinion an extremely close to original color match ( who the hell can remember exactly what the cab looked like back then, and all the cabs that are still around are faded like a big dog). Gloss Black, Regal Red, and Sunburst Yellow are the color names for the paint. I used exterior grade enamel paint applied with a small automotive touch up gun. I found that I needed two quarts of Black and 3/4 quart of red and 1\4 quart of yellow. As far as templates for the graphics, I made them using posterboard type cardboard.

I picked up some vellum (giant tracing paper) from a local art supply store. The graphics were in "OK" shape once I got the black paint off of the sides, so I used the Vellum to trace the artwork. I then taped the tracings to the poster board and cut out templates with an exacto knife. This part was a serious time consuming pain in the ass.

I made a template for the black art and the yellow art. When using the templates I got a fair amount of over spray and ended up buffing the paint with clear coat buffing compound to get rid of the over spray. In the area's where I goofed up, I would apply wide masking tape and using an exacto knife, was able to cut away portions of the tape right on the cabinet. With light pressure you won't cut scratches into the paint.

When painting inside masked areas I used a model airbrush, which works great for the graphics portion of the painting. Once all the touch up was done I buffed it all out with compound to get a nice even sheen. Whenever painting always spray lightly and WAIT at least a day before messing with the paint. Even if it feels dry it is easily damaged during the first 24 hrs.

I don't now how many times I had to respray areas because I thought the paint was dry enough and started messing with it. Hope this info helps. Dan Todd

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