ROM Identification Page

Use this to determine what game the ROM belongs to, or use it to verify that you have a good ROM.
Select up to 10 files and click the "Upload" link.  ROM files should be unzipped.  It will then compare the signatures of all the files uploaded with what is in the database.  Once the results come back, you can click on the + in front of each file to see what games the ROM belongs too.
If it comes back as Unknown you either have a ROM that is not in the database, or the ROM you uploaded is corrupt.
The database is based off of the SHA1 signatures from MAME 0.180 with 267,439 ROM signatures.  
No files are kept by the system.  Once the calculation is complete the file is removed from memory. 
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Optionally, you can manually enter a CRC32 (8 Chars), SHA1 (40 Chars), or Fluke 9010A Signature (3 or 4 Chars) value to lookup by hand if you don't have a file to upload.
CRC32, SHA1, or Fluke 9010A Signature
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