Converting from a Saturn L300 to a Ford F150 Journal Date: 10/8/2013 Last Updated on: 10/8/2013
It's time to get a better vehicle since my car is getting a bit long in the tooth.... Since I'm getting a new Vehicle and I've been collecting games for 14+ years now, I figured it would be a good idea to get a Truck this time.   So I started out by narrowing it down to the make and model I wanted.   After lots of research, test driving, etc.. I decided on a Ford F150, Crew Cab, 2008 or newer (my current car is a 2001).
And so the Adventure begins... 
Ah the joys of buying a new(er) Vehicle...
Date 10/8/2013
I figured I would give the dealers a go, and see what kind of a deal I can do.   So far, the experience is what I expected it to be.  Horrible.
I started at dealer A, found a nice Truck (2009, FX2) that they just got in trade in.  Long story short, they want too much money, and refuse to budge on the price.  The reason is, they  claim they paid Blue Book for it and just can't sell it for that much.   Yeah, right.  Based on what they offered me for my Trade In, there is NO WAY they paid Blue Book for that truck.   The truck was nice, but it still had some issues.    They also claimed they had 5 other people looking at it, so I told them to let the other 5 have it... and I walked out.
Went to dealer B, they had a nice FX4, but after test driving it has some mechanical and cosmetic issues... At least at this dealer, the sales guy was nice and wasn't trying to push the sale.  Passed on that one...
I went to a few other dealers in the area, didn't see anything I wanted, so I decided to use the Internet and started emailing some of the other dealerships.
The dealer I am currently dealing with (we'll call them Dealer C), has reading comprehension problems... Gave them a list of what I was looking for... F150, 2008 or later, Crew Cab, etc.... so what do they send me?  A quote for a '98, with a price of $10K.   LOL.  Only about double what the MSRP is on Kelly Blue Book.  We'll see what happens next...
Dealer C is out...
Date 10/8/2013
I guess they are clueless or something... I gave them specific requirements and they keep sending me everything but what I am looking for.... Next....
Conversion Complete
Date 10/13/2013
After much searching, I finally found a Truck I liked.  It was a pain dealing with the Dealers, but the Truck is really nice.

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