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I started collecting in 1998, picking up my first machine, a Williams "Defender". From that one game, it's grown into a collection of around 53 arcade games, 2 Pinballs, a token machine and a custom built MP3 Juke Box.  

This contributor has added or contributed to the following PCB's.
Year Released 
PCB Mfg Display Name 
Part Number 
Defender 1980Williams5770-09471-X4
Robotron: 2084 1982Williams / Vid Kidz5772-09680-00
Defender 1980Williams5771-09472
Turkey Shoot 1984Williams5770-10694-00
Unknown PCB 0Unknown 
Joust 1982Williams5770-09656-00 Rev. C
Galaxian 1979Namco (Midway license)A082-91352-C000
Defender 1980Williams5771-09472
Turkey Shoot 1984Williams5772-10697-00
Bermuda Triangle 1987SNK 
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This contributor has added or contributed to the following Parts.
Part Type 
Part Number 
Part Group 
Monitor WG4901Images courtesy of Krajkerjac. 0000Wells Gardner
Joystick LS30
SNK Rotary Joystick
Thanks go to PrairieDillo on KLOV for the pictures. 
Control Panel MO-2018 Monaco GP Mini Control Panel0000Sega
Hardware 730-A*This is the roll down coin mech typically used in Nintendo games.  Nintendo used a variety of versions of this mech.  There is also a 730-A (without the *) that is different even though it shares the same model number.Coin Mech0000Asahi Seiko
Grommet 23-6559Centering Spider Grommet for Sinistar and Archrivals Joysticks. 0000Williams
Monitor S-96267-PMonitor is used in Frogger Cocktail 0000Sega Enterprises LTD
Monitor 51056
Information and Images contributed by Chris Silvestri.
Originally in Universal cabinets.  100v monitor. Only markings on it are
the "P.E.I.C." and the neckboard says "Universal". This is also a CR-25
Possibly Model #: 51056
*P.E.I.C. Monitor*
*P.E.I.C. Capacitor List*
33 uf 160v C909
1 uf 160v C908
22uf 160v C907
2.2uf 16v C606
10uf 25v C707
1uf 50v C701
50uf 3.3v C708
1uf 25v C603
330uf 10v C615
10uf 25v C605
100uf 10v C724
3.3uf 25v C733/C727
47uf 16v C614
100uf 160v C725
22uf 50v C735
10uf 160v C730
330uf 16v C726
1000uf 16v C723
10uf 60v C609
10uf 160v C611
10uf 16v C1/C2/C3/C4
10uf 250v C13
100uf 25v C15 *Blue cap
Monitor Sanyo 20EZ
WARNING! This monitor runs off 100V so do not plug it in to a normal outlet!
Don't let the name fool you.  It might have EZ in the name, but it's probably the hardest monitor to work on due to the amount of things you have to disassemble just to work on it.  
Joystick PRU-1000  0000Stern Electronics
Monitor G07-CBONOTE: This monitor is missing the Dag Wire that goes around the tube and is connected to the neck board.  This is a very important component.  If you are missing that part, you need to find it and add it.G070000Electrohome
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This contributor has added or contributed to the following Repair Logs.
Repair Of 
Stargate CPU RAM Error and Picture Scrambled Broken
Marble Madness Cartridge Garbage on the Playfield Fixed
Pac-Man Entire Game Game does not boot Fixed
Frogger Sound No Audio InProgress
Frogger Entire Game Graphics Issues Fixed
Stargate CPU Bad Rug Pattern Broken
Stargate CPU Double Image Broken
Centipede Marquee Light is dark in the center Fixed
Qix Image on screen is stretched out vertically. Fixed
The Flintstones Factory Defaults Restored Fixed
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