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Manufacturer: Sanyo
Year Part Released: 1980
Part Number: Sanyo 20EZ
Part Classification: Original Part
Part Group:
Dimensions: Unknown
Contributed by: Arcadenut
WARNING! This monitor runs off 100V so do not plug it in to a normal outlet!
Don't let the name fool you.  It might have EZ in the name, but it's probably the hardest monitor to work on due to the amount of things you have to disassemble just to work on it.  

This part works with the following games:
Year Game Released 
Donkey KongNintendo of America1981Requires Special Mounting Bracket.
Donkey Kong Jr.Nintendo1982Requires Special Mounting Bracket.
Donkey Kong 3Nintendo of America1983Requires Special Mounting Bracket.
Mario Bros.Nintendo of America1983 
Radar ScopeNintendo1980 
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Repair logs for this Part:
Warped Image and More
Ooopps! Shouldn't have done that!
This one should be classified as a DOH! Issue, and is not recommended for anyone.
My friend, who I will call "Mr. X", was moving his monitor from one cab to another. To do so, he discharged the monitor and unknowingly disconnected the second anode from the hole. He then proceeded to transplant the monitor to the other machine. After hooking everything up, he turned the power on and found out the hard way the second anode was not connected.
Replaced the Yoke Fixed
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