Centipede Side Art Last Updated on: 4/24/2011

Centipede Side Art

When I first received my Centipede side art I wasn't sure what it was. All I got was this BIG tube. I thought that it was the Pac-Man stencils until I pulled the art out and took a look.

When I unrolled it, it was amazing! The art is HUGE! It also explains why it came in a tube instead of flat like the other art I received from them. If it was flat it would be approximately 6' tall by 3' wide! That would have been bent in half in no time by the post office!

From what I can see, the colors appear to be exact (a little hard to tell through the paper on it) and the art matches all the centipedes I've seen. The art feels thick so it should be pretty durable.

The only issue that I can see is applying the art. This is going to be a major undertaking. This isn't the fault of AR, its just that the art is so damn big! However, in order to help you, they have created a "How to" document that should help you through the process. This document is available on their web site in PDF format.

Before you even think about applying this art, you need to read that document and get some help. Its probably going to be a two person job.

Once I find a Centipede cabinet to apply this to, I'll post an update and let everyone know how it went. If anyone has already applied this art and would to share your experience with everyone, drop me an email and I'll post it here.

If you're in need of new side art for your Centipede, I would highly recommend this art.

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