Donkey Kong Jr. Side Art Last Updated on: 4/24/2011

Donkey Kong Jr. Side Art

Once again, Arcade Renovations has done it again. This time, its with Donkey Kong Jr. side art!

This is the third product that I received from them and each and every time I have been amazed at the quality of their work. Like their previous work, the colors are vibrant and the images are detailed and sharp. When comparing them to the originals it is impossible to tell the difference.

This presents a problem for me though, as it makes doing an "In depth" review hard to do, since there isn't anything bad to say about the art! This is a problem that I can live with!

The addition of the protective paper (as seen in the picture) is a nice touch and they started doing that starting with the Q*bert side art. This helps protect your art until you are ready to apply it and when you apply it.

The packaging has also improved since the first set of art (Donkey Kong) that I received from them. The current packing, although can be bent, is more than adequate for most carriers. Lets just hope the delivery people can read the stickers on it :-) The only bending that happened did not affect the contents. In order to protect it 100% would be cost prohibitive.

Philippe is a great guy to deal with, and I'm sure he would make sure that you were 100% satisfied with what you have. Not only is it stated on his web site, but you can see it in his products and how things are packaged.

There is one recommendation that I can make, to make their products just a little bit better. That recommendation would be for instructions for proper application of the side art. They don't have to include them, but it would be a nice touch to help those who have never done it before. After all, you only get one chance (ok, two if you count each side).

The instructions wouldn't have to be detailed, they could be something simple as "Art should be 2" from the top and 2" from the back".

When it comes time to applying the art, I will put up a full photo tutorial on how to do it, but thats going to be months from now.

Other than that, if you own a DK Jr and you have no side art or your side art is bad, you would be crazy not to pick up a set! Everyone who has received a set has nothing but praise for the art and for the work that Arcade Renovations has been doing.

New side art and new T-molding would do wonders for the appearence of your game. Just take a peek at my Popeye->Donkey Kong conversion and you'll see what a little bit of new T-Molding will do! Add new Side Art and you'll have a whole new game!

Now if they would just do Pengo CPOs :-)

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