Donkey Kong (Arcade Renovations) Last Updated on: 4/25/2011

Donkey Kong (Arcade Renovations)

After receiving my Donkey Kong Side Art from PC Amusements, I was a little disappointed. What angered me more was the fact that had I waited one week, I would have seen the side art from Arcade Renovations and I would have saved myself $60 in the process.

If you are looking for Donkey Kong side art, then look no more. This side art is IT!

The devil is always in the details. The people at Arcade Renovations are meticulous in every way and their product shows it! I was expecting good side art, but when I got this, I just had to say "Wow!"

The Larger Images are VERY big in order to give you the best possible detail.

Here is the side art from PC Amusements, take a look at the G and TM.

Now take a look at the one from Arcade Renovations!

The colors are clean and vivid. Again, I'll start by showing you the art from PC Amusements and then you can see what a difference Arcade Renovations makes.

Here is the side art from PC Amusements, take a look.. The colors are off, and everything blends together. Yuck!


Now take a look at the one from Arcade Renovations! Simply beautiful!

Finally, we'll take a look at the side by side. If you can't figure out which is which, then please stop reading :-)

If this side art is any indication of what we can expect from Arcade Renovations in the future, then the future looks very bright. As I get more from them, I will review them and let you know what its like.

Dealing with Arcade Renovations is a pleasure and they have a Money Back guarantee that will probably never be used.

I always try to point out problems with products when I can, so that everyone can make an informed decision. With this side art, I can't think of anything bad to say, other than I wish they had told me about it a week earlier :-) The other bad thing that I can think of, is that now I have to get working on my DK Cab so I can apply it!

Like the other DK Side Art review, I don't have any original art to compare it to, but this one is sooo much better than the one from PC Amusements that its not even funny.

I highly recommend this Side Art.


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