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I finally found the number for the "Double-hand holder," which holds small parts while you work on them; #64-2093 ($9.99). I use mine constantly.

Wire-stripping is something you'll end up doing tons of. (It probably deserves a section of its own. In the final version, maybe I'll do that.) For now, I'll try to save you endless wires-accidentally-snipped-off-too-short frustrations, by suggesting Radio Shack's best (in my opinion) wire stripping tools. Best for general use (8 to 22 gauge) is part number 64-1919, at $11.99 each. (It used to be my favorite.) Best for any one wire gauge at a time is the very inexpensive, user-adjustable part number 64-2129, at $2.99 each; wonderful for small wires, which others have problems with.

On stripping / tinning wires: I always strip a bit farther back than I really need (more bare wire exposed). When I tin the wire end, any excess solder blobs can be slid all the way down, and cut off when I trim the bare wire to its real length.

Till next time, have fun, be safe, and thanks for putting up with me!

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