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Warped Image and More
Repair of: Monitor (Sanyo Sanyo 20EZ)
Repair Type: Part
Status: Fixed
Contributed by: Arcadenut
Ooopps! Shouldn't have done that!
This one should be classified as a DOH! Issue, and is not recommended for anyone.
My friend, who I will call "Mr. X", was moving his monitor from one cab to another. To do so, he discharged the monitor and unknowingly disconnected the second anode from the hole. He then proceeded to transplant the monitor to the other machine. After hooking everything up, he turned the power on and found out the hard way the second anode was not connected.
Replaced the Yoke

Diagnostic/Repair Steps

The following steps were taken to either diagnose or to repair the PCB/Part/Game: 
What's that smell?
9/26/2004 10:34:00 PM

He quickly turned off the power and checked out the damage.

As you can see from the picture, he scorched the Yoke on the monitor. Not a good thing at all since the Yoke is what directs the electron guns when drawing the image. In this case it appears that the wires in the Yoke are fused together.

11/11/2012 10:35:15 PM
So. what happens to the monitor when you do this? Well, as you can see from the picture, the Picture on the monitor gets "Warped" and the convergence is off. As you can see, it's not a good idea to have the second anode disconnected when you power the game up.

The situation could have been a lot worse for both the game and for "Mr. X.". If the wire hadn't been in the plastic clamp, it could have arced to the PCB of the monitor destroying that. Worse than that, had he been near the second anode wire when he powered on the game, he might have been shocked. 19,000 Volts will get your attention rather quickly!

NOTE: Please use CATUTION when working on monitors, they contain high voltage (19,000+ Volts) and can KILL you!

With the help from Manny (He knows his shit!) at Gross Games, the monitor is now back up and running. The Yoke was replaced and now everything is back to normal!

The Yoke is the part with the copper wires wound around it. It is pretty easy to replace, as long as you don't mind dealing with the convergence. The Yoke can be partially seen in the first picture at the top.

Glasses can't fix this...
9/26/2004 10:36:00 PM
Convergence is the term used to describe the alignment of the Red, Green and Blue guns. If you look at text on the screen and you can see Red, Green or Blue offset from what the color is supposed to be, your convergence is off.
The Fix
9/26/2004 10:37:00 PM
To remove the Yoke and Magnetic Rings, it's a simple matter of loosening two screws. The convergence is controlled by the tabs that stick out of the magnetic rings. If you mess with the convergence, it might take you some time to get it right.
It should be noted that removing the magnetic rings should be done with caution as it has plastic parts that become brittle with age. In the case with this monitor, the plastic parts crumbled and the whole part had to be replaced.
This is not a Full Tutorial on how to do this, so don't treat it as such. There is a lot of missing information from here.
Here are the basic steps to replacing your Yoke.
  • Make sure Power is disconnected and monitor is Discharged.
  • Remove Neck Board
  • Loosen the Screw on Magenetic Rings
  • Carefully slide Magnetic Rings off the end of the Tube
  • Loosen the Screw on the Yoke
  • Carefully slide Yoke off the end of the Tube
  • Replace with New Yoke.
  • Do not Tighten Screw
  • Put Magnetic Rings back on
  • Do not Tighten Screw
  • Put the Neck board back ON
Around the Yoke you should see several (probably 4) Rubber Wedges. Those need to be there so that the Yoke does not touch the tube. If the Yoke touches the Tube, it's likely you will kill the monitor. If the wedges came off, put them back on, they are important.
This is the dangerous part, as it will require you to work on the monitor with it powered up. Please use every precaution necessary to protect yourself and the monitor.
You will need to power the game up so that you can adjust the picture. If the picture is at an angle rather than square with the edges of the Tube, that means the Yoke needs to be turned one way or the other. If the Image appears Warped, then it may mean the Yoke is not Level on the rubber wedges and you may need to adjust the Yoke in one of the 4 directions. Once the picture is Square and it's not distorted, you can tighten down the screw for the Yoke.
Now the hard part. You will need to move the Tabs on the Magnetic ring until the convergence is correct. This is part trial and error and luck.
Be VERY careful when doing this part as you can and probably will get shocked at least once doing it.
Once you are finished with the convergence, tighten down the screw.
Power everything down, unplug the game, and then discharge the monitor. Now get your Hot Glue gun out, heat the glue up. Then UNPLUG the Hot Glue gun and put hot glue over the Rings. This will keep them from moving and since you probably spent 20 mins or more getting them just right, I'm sure you don't want them moving on you.
The reason you unplug the Hot Glue Gun is for safety. Having it plugged in can create a circuit between the monitor and the outlet. Let's just say, that is a bad thing.
If I do one myself, I will write up a detailed Photo Tutorial on how to do it. This is the first time I've ever seen the need to replace the Yoke, so I don't see a Tutorial anywhere in the near future unless I need to replace a tube for some reason.

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