Super Glue Dangers Last Updated on: 4/24/2011

Super Glue Dangers

The following story started on Usenet by Mark suggesting Super Glue. I for one didn't think much of it and thought "That should work". Had Iain or Bob not said anything, I might have done this myself not knowing the dangers. We should thank Iain and Bob for bringing this safety issue to light.

Now on to the story.... Iain Odlin wrote: : : On 30 Aug 1999 14:14:40 GMT, (Mark C. Spaeth) wrote: : : :Cut a small strip and stick it (preferable superglue it) to the board : : If I am not mistaken, superglue is an extremely bad idea for anything you're : going to solder. Superglue is cyanoacrylate, yes? Superheat that and you : get cyanide gas... : : -Iain Now you tell me!

I sure wish I had read this earlier. My keyboard drawer cracked tonight & one side of the keyboard was dropping to the left with each tap of the keys. I removed it & super glued it. Phooey!

UNsuper glue. Didn't last 5 minutes & it took 10 minutes for the INSTANT glue to set. Now a little bit frosted, I removed it again & loaded the crack with super glue & broke out the heat gun. I wasn't waiting 10 minutes again!

Pointed that heat gun right at the super glue & it was dulling down at first & I thought it would dry it quicker. Poof!!! Big smoke signal that you could see from a neighboring town. Burned my nasal cavities & eyeballs in an instant...couldn't get rid of that heat gun fast enough. My eyes were watering & nose running, and all I could think of was to get the heat gun turned off & set down someplace that would not cause a fire because I wasn't ready to deal with anything else at that time and my wife had just left to go to the store.

Ran outside for fresh air thinking that it was just the plastic burning fumes & it continued to burn until I sprayed my face with the garden hose. Took a few minutes to recoup & attacked the drawer with a new method. Drilled 23 holes thru the bottom....gettin' even :)... cut a piece of 3/8" plywood...set it inside & put a screw thru each one of those holes up into the ply. Solid as a rock now.

As you can see, I hain't no chemist, but I can tell you firsthand, that super glue & heat definitely do not mix. My new lesson of the day has been taken seriously, and I will not be doing that again in this lifetime...very unpleasant, to say the least. I'm not finished learning yet. When all else fails, read the directions...don't I feel stupid!

Of 6 lines on the tube of glue, the first tells you about how to open the tube & that it takes 15 seconds to set. The other 5 lines, basically say in a caution, what Iain has stated above even to the proper chemical :( Hap...Hap...Happy Gaming..... PostScript: Of course, this story is just between us. All the time I was playing with fixing the drawer, the smart one, my wife Alice, is telling me to just buy another one or please just go take hers for the time being & she would get another one, so naturally, I couldn't relay this story to her & she still thinks I'm the smart one for having repaired the drawer with plywood while she was at the store :) -- Big Bear Thanks The Real Bob RobertsT For parts

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Date Posted: 6/18/2014 11:56 PM
Posted By: Jim
Thanks for the much needed info.

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