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Marquee Horror

This story is from XYvids (Name used on USENET). While reading USNET ( I saw this story and thought it would be good to share as it teaches us what NOT to do. I not only want to give you stories of what to do, but also of what NOT to do. It might seem like a good idea at the time, but as XYvids found out, it wasn't. I'm glad he shared his story with us so we can learn from it.

Here is his story: Okay, for those of you who don't want to read too much, here's the gist of the thing : I've discovered that if you soak a Tron marquee in plain warm water, the entire image lifts off in one sheet, dries quickly, and then disintegrates. This may be common knowledge for everyone else, but I just thought I would share for those who don't know. So, I buy a Tron with a beat up marquee (bubbling up throughout the image, lifting at the edges, pretty much garbage). By chance, I happen to grab the marquee with wet hands and notice that the backing soaked up the water and where the image had lifted on the edge, the water made it lie flat. Hmmm . . . wheels turning, brain straining. . .DING!

I have an idea! Take the marquee into the bathroom. Fill the tub partway with warm water and drop 'er in. Wait a few minutes, notice that the image is lifting along every edge.

Getting very excited now. . .more time passes . . . pretty soon, the entire image is floating freely in the water - INTACT! Nearly passing out from the excitement, I center the backing onto the glass again and lift the marquee back out of the water. Placing it on the counter, I find a nice flat slick object and proceed to squeegee the excess water off of and out of the marquee. When I'm through, I flip it over and nearly have a heart attack!

The marquee was PERFECT! No lifting, peeling, or cracking! Taking time to do a small victory dance, I return to the marquee to see how the drying out process is going. Uh - Oh . . . the edges are curling up a little.

Small twinge of panic. . .ummm, now what?. . .I look around the room hoping to find something or someone to help me. . .nothing. More panic. Backing is nearly peeled up 2" along every edge. "Quick! More water!" Smoothing down the edges with more water, everything seems fine.

Get phone books from next room to keep edges from curling up. Set books on marquee and let dry. Go back to the marquee after about an hour. Gently lift up the phone books. . .looks okay. . . . . . . . . . . .the entire image curls up in a matter of seconds!

Not only that, it starts cracking and disintegrating in front of my eyes - THE HORROR!! MAKE IT STOP!! Now all I can do is admire my Tron marquee-sized piece of glass and pile of colored flakes. Now that I have the knowledge that the image can be lifted from a Tron marquee, anyone have any suggestions as to what king of liquid adhesive might have saved me from the nightmare I was witness to? Thanks! Seattle, WA ************** Tempest ~ Star Wars ~ Tron

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