The following are the Dip Switch settings based off of MAME 0.180 source code.
Use this information at your own risk!  The information was parsed from the MAME source code and could contain errors as to the state, order or descriptions of what the switches do.  If you find an error, please let me know on the Contact Us form and I will work on correcting the issue. 
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Manufactured by Data East Corporation, Released in 1982
ROM Version: 18 Challenge Pro Golf (DECO Cassette) (Japan)
Dip Switch:SW1
OffOff      Coin A1 Coin/1 Credit*
OnOff      1 Coin/2 Credits
OffOn      1 Coin/3 Credits
OnOn      2 Coins/1 Credit
  OffOff    Coin B1 Coin/1 Credit*
  OnOff    1 Coin/2 Credits
  OffOn    1 Coin/3 Credits
  OnOn    2 Coins/1 Credit
    OnOff  Type of Tapeinvalid?
    OffOn  invalid?
    OffOff  MD (Small)*
    OnOn  MT (Big)
      Off CabinetCocktail
      On Upright*
Dip Switch:SW2
Off       Lives2*
On       3
 OffOff     Bonus Life1 Under*
 OnOff     3 Under
 OffOn     6 Under
 OnOn     None
   On    Number of StrokesPar +2
   Off    Par +3*
    Off   Show Stroke Power/Ball DirectionOff*
    On   On
     OffOffOffCountry CodeA*
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