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Dip switches used by this game
Manufactured by Data East Corporation, Released in 1982
ROM Version: 18 Challenge Pro Golf (DECO Cassette) (Japan)
Dip Switch:SW1
OffOff      Coin A1 Coin/1 Credit*
OnOff      1 Coin/2 Credits
OffOn      1 Coin/3 Credits
OnOn      2 Coins/1 Credit
  OffOff    Coin B1 Coin/1 Credit*
  OnOff    1 Coin/2 Credits
  OffOn    1 Coin/3 Credits
  OnOn    2 Coins/1 Credit
    OnOff  Type of Tapeinvalid?
    OffOn  invalid?
    OffOff  MD (Small)*
    OnOn  MT (Big)
      Off CabinetCocktail
      On Upright*
Dip Switch:SW2
Off       Lives2*
On       3
 OffOff     Bonus Life1 Under*
 OnOff     3 Under
 OffOn     6 Under
 OnOn     None
   On    Number of StrokesPar +2
   Off    Par +3*
    Off   Show Stroke Power/Ball DirectionOff*
    On   On
     OffOffOffCountry CodeA*
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