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Bright Dot in the center of the screen
Repair of: Monitor (Electrohome G05-801)
Repair Type: Part
Status: Fixed
Contributed by: Arcadenut
Was upgrading my Asteroids board, and I turned the game on to see a single dot in the middle of the screen.  Game coins up and plays blind, but there is no deflection.
Neck glow is present, and the Spot Killer light is lit. 
The plan is to recap the monitor, and replace the deflection transistors. 
Recapped and Replaced all Transistors.

Diagnostic/Repair Steps

The following steps were taken to either diagnose or to repair the PCB/Part/Game: 
Clean the monitor
8/18/2013 11:49:13 AM
This really isn't a diagnostic step, it's more of a "This thing has 30+ years of dirt on it and I'm going to look like I'm covered in soot by time I'm done" issue.
So I took the monitor outside (after Discharging it), sprayed it down with Simply Green and  a garden hose.
WARNING: There is a risk of the Aquadag coming off.  If too much of it comes off you'll need to repair the tube.   See this KLOV thread: for more details on the dangers and how to fix it.
Cracks in the Flyback
9/28/2013 8:08:51 PM
After rebuilding the chassis, I noticed some cracks in the fly back.  This isn't a good thing for a couple of reasons.
1) They don't make a replacement for it.
2) It could leak high voltage (a bad thing). 
Fixing the Flyback
9/28/2013 8:10:45 PM
So how do you fix it?  Well, you get something like Super Corona Dope, which is a high voltage sealant.  I picked up a bottom from the local Frys Electronics that will probably last me the rest of my life.
It smells a lot like fingernail polish, and is applied the same way...
I applied a couple of coats as the first couple of coats filled in the crack and air bubbles came out.  I wanted to make sure it was completely sealed. 
I'm going to let it dry over night, then we'll hook it up and see if we get any fireworks... hopefully not. 
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