Williams Cabinet Styles Last Updated on: 4/23/2011

Williams Cabinet Styles

So you're wondering what the difference is between all the cabinets. Maybe you have a cabinet that is painted all black and you're trying to figure out what game it is.

Hopefully, this will help you. Most of the Williams games are 26" wide, except for Moon Patrol, Bubbles, and Possibly Make Trax which are 24" wide. You'll notice that I have two different styles of Robotron. If you have any other style of Williams Cabinet that I do not have pictured and you know its from the Factory, please send me a good profile shot of it.

Games Pictured:
Row 1: Bubbles, Mystic Marathon, Stargate
Row 2: Joust, Robotron (UnCommon Style), Robotron (Common Style) Yes, the picture is mirrored to make it easier to compare shapes
Row 3: Defender, Moon Patrol

Games not pictured are: Sinistar, and Make Trax, If you have good profile shots of these games, please send me a photo (I Can do Sinistar once I get around to it).

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