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The rules of the DECA are very simple.

  • You must play all ten games to qualify
  • Games will be played on the easiest settings since there is no way to verify what settings are used for a game. This will make it fair for everyone.
  • A Photo (Normal or Digital) or Video Tape of your game must be submitted as proof
  • Cheat Codes are NOT allowed
  • Point Scabbing is not allowed. Point scabbing is the accumulation of points without progressing in the game. This is somewhat subjective and will be addressed on a game by game basis.
  • Pausing the game is NOT allowed
  • Resuming a game is NOT allowed
  • Scores can be challenged at the discretion of Twin Galaxies or any of its official referees.
  • All Scores must be postmarked by Midnight, Feb 28th, 2001. No scores will be accepted after that. No exceptions.
  • Anyone caught cheating will be disquallified from this DECA and any future DECA.
  • Emulators are allowed.
  • All Photos, and Video Tape become the property of Twin Galaxies unless other arrangements are made
  • Twin Galaxies is not responsible for Lost Photos, Video Tapes, etc..
  • Video Tapes need to be in standard VHS or Hi-8 format
  • Please Include your Name, Address, Date and Score along with the tape/picture.

    If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

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