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As of April 29th, 2001 the Arcade Restoration Workshop has started using Cookies. Cookies are small text files that your browser stores on your local machine. There are a lot of concerns with "Big Brother" tactics, some real, some imagined.

This document is here to put your mind at ease. The Arcade Restoration Workshop only uses cookies for the customizing of the web site for each visitor. It is not used to track you in any way. There is nothing stored in the cookie that can be linked directly to you at this time. In the future, things may be added to allow further customization that may be unique to an individual but that is yet to be determined.

It is my policy that I attempt to NOT store anything that would be considered unique to you. At this time there are only 4 things that are stored in your cookie and they are:

  • Date of Last Visit
  • A Flag that tells the site whether or not to sort the categories by Name or the order I have determined
  • A List of Categories to hide.
  • A Flag that tells the site whether or not to display the welcome message if its old.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the use of the Cookies on this site please feel free to @EMAIL@ me.

    The cookies stored and their purpose are subjec to change at any time without any prior notice.

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