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Well, the first ever Arcade Restoration Workshop BBQ has come and gone! I would like to thank all those who showed up. Special thanks to John Butler for helping arrange the BBQ and bringing the Educational part of the BBQ. John brought his collection of Randy Fromm tapes which we viewed one of. Randy is hilarious! I will probably save up to buy the tapes because of this. 

The turn out was very good, 9 people showed up (My apologies to Larry, he left before I remember about taking a Group Photo). Also Shawn is not pictured. Starting in the back left is James, Jeff, Todd, Bill, Ron, and Ken. Front Row starting on the Left is John and Me.

The BBQ started at Noon, with most people showing up after 3pm. I started throwing the food on the grill at around 4pm. Once the food was ready, we sat down and watched the Randy Fromm tape while munching on the food. Everything started to wind down after about 6pm and the last person left at around 8pm.

There was lots of game playing going on (Duh!) and since Ron is an official Twin Galaxies type dude, we set Sinistar and Stargate to Twin Galaxies Tournament settings. Yikes! The games are a lot harder than the defaults :-) I started the day off by getting 112K and change on Sinistar only to be bumped off by Bill by 120 points! So I then had to work (and trust me, it was work!) on getting higher than that...

As you can see, I didn't beat Bill by much, but it was good enough to last the rest of the day.

 Now on to the other pictures....
Here is Bill beating my Score for the first time. Bill is now addicted to Sinistar. Bill isn't a collector yet, but after today, that might change. Bill don't blame me :-)
Its an Arcade! It sounds really cool in here with all these games being played at one time. Brings back the memories!
Another Addict is born. Ken just started collecting and only has a Pin. At the end of the BBQ he kept saying something about "Must Have Donkey Kong"...

Here's Larry playing Gorf.

Larry's playing Asteroids, Ron's playing Gorf, and Bill is watching. Ron's score puts me to shame... Some day....

I don't know about everyone else, but I had a blast. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and that we can do this again sometime.

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