Memory Map

The following is a memory map that was generated based on the MAME source code (.180).  This information is only as accurate as the MAME driver is.  If you see any errors, please let me know what that error is.
The Memory Area is related to where the information is from (CPU, Sound Board, etc..), and it may also reflect what it has in common with other hardware.
Memory Area:main_cpu
Address RangeLengthFunctionDescription
0x6000-0x7FFF8192RAM Write, Sharedcharram_w, fbram
0x8000-0x8FFF4096Read/Write, Sharedvideoram_r, videoram_w, videoram
0x90001Read Port, WriteIN2, char_vregs_w
0x003fUnusedActive High
0x0040Coin 1Active Low
0x0080Coin 2Active Low
0x92001Read Port, WriteP1, scrollx_hi_w (//p1 inputs)
0x0001Joystick LeftActive High
0x0002Joystick RightActive High
0x0004Joystick UpActive High
0x0008Joystick DownActive High
0x0010Button 1Active High
0x0020UnusedActive High
0x0040UnusedActive High
0x0080Start 1Active High
0x94001Read Port, WriteP2, scrollx_lo_w (//p2 inputs)
0x0001Joystick RightActive High
0x0002Joystick LeftActive High
0x0004Joystick DownActive High
0x0008Joystick UpActive High
0x0010Button 1Active High
0x0020UnusedActive High
0x0040UnusedActive High
0x0080Start 2Active High
0x96001Read Port, WriteIN0, flip_screen_w (/* VBLANK */)
0x007fUnusedActive High
0x0080CustomActive High
0x98001Device Writecrtc, mc6845_device, address_w
0x98001Read PortDSW1
0x00032C_1CActive High
0x00001C_1CActive High
0x00011C_2CActive High
0x00021C_3CActive High
0x00021C_6CActive High
0x000c2C_1CActive High
0x00001C_1CActive High
0x00041C_2CActive High
0x00081C_3CActive High
0x00081C_6CActive High
0x0010UprightActive High
0x0000CocktailActive High
0x0040Service 1Active High
0x98011Device Writecrtc, mc6845_device, register_w
0x9A001Read Port, WriteDSW2, audio_command_w
0x00001Active High
0x00012Active High
0x000010000Active High
0x000230000Active High
0x000450000Active High
0x0006NoneActive High
0x0000EasyActive High
0x0008HardActive High
0x0010NoActive High
0x0000YesActive High
0x0000NoActive High
0x0020YesActive High
0x0000Mode 1Active High
0x0040Mode 2Active High
Memory Area:sound_cpu
Address RangeLengthFunctionDescription
0x4000-0x4FFF4096Device Read/Writeay1, ay8910_device, data_r, data_w
0x5000-0x5FFF4096Device Writeay1, ay8910_device, address_w
0x6000-0x6FFF4096Device Read/Writeay2, ay8910_device, data_r, data_w
0x7000-0x7FFF4096Device Writeay2, ay8910_device, address_w
0x8000-0x8FFF4096Read, Write NOPaudio_command_r, (//volume control?)

ROM Map for this game

This is the ROM map for the game.  This should tell you what address the ROM is at, how big it is, what it's used for.   
Memory Area:audiocpu
Address RangeLengthLabel/LocationDescription
0xF000-0xFFFF4096g6-m.1bCRC(0c6fadf5) (Fluke: EC37)
Memory Area:gfx1
Address RangeLengthLabel/LocationDescription
0x0000-0x0FFF4096g7-m.7aCRC(16b42975) (Fluke: F2F6)
0x1000-0x1FFF4096g8-m.9aCRC(cf3f35da) (Fluke: 2781)
0x2000-0x2FFF4096g9-m.10aCRC(7712e248) (Fluke: 750F)
Memory Area:maincpu
Address RangeLengthLabel/LocationDescription
0xB000-0xBFFF4096g4-m.2aCRC(8f06ebc0) (Fluke: 2FBA)
0xC000-0xCFFF4096g3-m.4aCRC(8101b231) (Fluke: 2743)
0xD000-0xDFFF4096g2-m.6aCRC(a4a0d8dc) (Fluke: 1217)
0xE000-0xEFFF4096g1-m.8aCRC(749032eb) (Fluke: CBD2)
0xF000-0xFFFF4096g0-m.9aCRC(8f8b1e8e) (Fluke: CB85)
Memory Area:proms
Address RangeLengthLabel/LocationDescription
0x0000-0x001F32gcm.a14CRC(8259e7db) (Fluke: 8892)
0x0000-0x001F32gcm.a14CRC(8259e7db) (Fluke: 8892)
0x0020-0x003F32gbm.k4CRC(1ea3319f) (Fluke: B0D3)
0x0020-0x003F32gbm.k4CRC(1ea3319f) (Fluke: B0D3)
0x0040-0x005F32gam.k11CRC(b9665de3) (Fluke: 8A76)
0x0040-0x005F32gam.k11CRC(b9665de3) (Fluke: 8A76)
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