Memory Area:at28c16

Memory Map

The following is a memory map that was generated based on the MAME source code (.180).  This information is only as accurate as the MAME driver is.  If you see any errors, please let me know what that error is.
The Memory Area is related to where the information is from (CPU, Sound Board, etc..), and it may also reflect what it has in common with other hardware.
Memory Area:coh1002m_map
Address RangeLengthFunctionDescription
0x1F000000-0x1F7FFFFF8388608ROM Bankbankedroms
0x1FB00004-0x1FB000074Write 8-bitcoh1002m_bank_w, 0x00ff0000
Memory Area:zn_map
Address RangeLengthFunctionDescription
0x1FA00000-0x1FA000034Read PortP1
0x1FA00100-0x1FA001034Read PortP2
0x1FA00200-0x1FA002034Read PortSERVICE
0x1FA00300-0x1FA003034Read PortSYSTEM
0x1FA10000-0x1FA100034Read PortP3
0x1FA10100-0x1FA101034Read PortP4
0x1FA10200-0x1FA102034Read 8-bitboardconfig_r, 0x000000ff
0x1FA10300-0x1FA103034Read/Write 8-bitznsecsel_r, znsecsel_w, 0x000000ff
0x1FA20000-0x1FA200034Write 8-bitcoin_w, 0x000000ff
0x1FA30000-0x1FA300034Read/Write NOP(/* ?? */)
0x1FA40000-0x1FA400034Read NOP(/* ?? */)
0x1FA60000-0x1FA600034Read NOP(/* ?? */)
0x1FAF0000-0x1FAF07FF2048Device Read/Write 8-bitat28c16, at28c16_device, read, write, 0xffffffff (/* eeprom */)
0x1FB20000-0x1FB200078Read 16-bitunknown_r, 0xffffffff

ROM Map for this game

This is the ROM map for the game.  This should tell you what address the ROM is at, how big it is, what it's used for.   
0x800000-0xBFFFFF4194304ooo-0.u0217CRC(8b42f365) (Fluke: C0B8)
0xC00000-0xFFFFFF4194304ooo-1.u0218CRC(65162f46) (Fluke: 6214)
0x1000000-0x13FFFFF4194304ooo-2.u0219CRC(14cf3a84) (Fluke: A86B)
0x1400000-0x17FFFFF4194304ooo-3.u0220CRC(9a45f6ff) (Fluke: 2F21)
0x1800000-0x1BFFFFF4194304ooo-4.u0221CRC(ba20a1fd) (Fluke: E798)
0x1C00000-0x1FFFFFF4194304ooo-5.u0222CRC(eed1953d) (Fluke: 1AB4)
0x2000000-0x23FFFFF4194304ooo-6.u0223CRC(f74f38b6) (Fluke: BBA4)
0x2400000-0x27FFFFF4194304ooo-7.u0323CRC(0e58777c) (Fluke: EC30)
Address RangeLengthLabel/LocationDescription
Memory Area:cat702_2
Address RangeLengthLabel/LocationDescription
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