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Identify PCB
Year Released: Unknown
PCB Function: Unknown
Part Number: GGM-02 12586
Stack Type: Stacked Together
Stack Part Number: 1
Dimensions: Unknown
Contributed by: okoban
I found this PCB in a Cocktail Arcade Machine (midway Cocktail machine). It has 2 connectors (one has 36 Pins, the other has 20 Pins) as well as a 50 Pin Connection between the two boards.
The lower board has the size 122"x104"/310mm x 265mm, the upper board has the size 83"x104"/210 mm x 265 mm.
As manufacturer, I found the Name DECO on the board. The game seems to be a 2 Player board, there is a handwritten (game) Name on the upper board starting with a capital B (see Picture #3).
PCB Connectors:
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Primary Connector 
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PCB Parts:
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