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1/8/2000 12:00 AM
I would like to thank Steve at Ultimate Information Systems for providing me with the space and band-width for hosting my site. He was instrumental in getting my site moved over so quickly. I added a new link for Brian's Vintage Gaming Page which contains a lot of good articles scanned and posted for your reading. Be sure to check it out! I also added two more links under the "Other Cool Sites" category. Be sure to check them out! JROK is what I would call "Mr Namco" :-) You need to know something about Namco, go see him. He also has a RGB->NTSC converter for sale for those interested. The other site I added was for my friend Ron, he runs SniperCade. He is very involved in the older consoles (Atari 2600, etc..) and his site is dedicated to keeping track of all the High Scores in the world. He also does this for MAME games. If you think you're the best at a game, don't miss his site! He is also a fellow local collector here in Phoenix. Basically if it involves video games, be it the Standup, MAME, Atari 2600, C64, or what ever, and the World Record for playing that game; He's involved. I picked up another Popeye PCB today from Al to test in my machine and it turns out that it has similar problems. So now I think I'm going to have to test the board in my JAMMA setup once I'm done with my Nintendo to JAMMA adapter. Got my 1802 Monitor yesterday and it turns out that it doesn't have RGB inputs as I assumed (you know what they say about ass-u-me'ing). No problem though, I have other plans for it. I also got my SCSI cable (Costs almost as much as the damn SCSI Card!) so now I have my ScanJet 3C up and running!! That thing is FAST! Its only a 24bit Scanner, but it was worth the price. It also scans up to Legal (8x14) size sheets, where as my other scanner would only do Letter (8x11), so I can try scanning my Metrocross Marquee in again, this time in only two chunks :-)

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8/21/2017 11:10:28 PM
Restoration/Preservation has begun on my Kickman.
It's not a full restoration, but more of a preservation of what is there.  I like trying to keep things as original as possible.  With that in mind, I can take a few chances on this one as the damage is already done.  I'm mainly trying to prevent even more damage when I can.  Worse comes to worse, I'll do a full restore on it down the road. 
11/14/2016 3:38:35 PM
Well, I decided to update RoboJuke with a new Motherboard, Processor and RAM. The old one was a Celeron 700 with 2MB of RAM running Windows XP. I upgraded to a Celeron N3150 (Quad Core 1.35Ghz), with 8GB of RAM running Windows 10.
After upgrading, I found out that the software I was using (Virtual Music Jukebox) wouldn't run on Windows 10. After looking for a replacement, I gave up and wrote my own Jukebox Software called "Simple JukeBox". It is avilable for FREE, you can read more about it here: http://forums.arcaderestoration.com/topics/17-Simple-JukeBox
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