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9/6/1999 12:00 AM
Today I spent several hours working on my "Test Rig". Its ugly looking, but it will work. I will put pictures up when I am done. It was made from scrap wood, etc.. laying around so its not very pretty. I was shooting for functional, and I think I have it. I picked up a cabinet from Al that started life as a Donkey Kong, during its life it was transformed into a JAMMA cabinet and the front panel was painted black. The side also has graffiti painted on it. The structure of the cabinet is excellent so I am going to restore it to Donkey Kong and then use the Popeye cabinet for my Donkey Kong Jr. Then I don't have to worry about converting the Vs. System into Donkey Kong. Since I am going to be doing that, I need a couple of parts, if anyone can help out here, please email me. I will need the Metal bar used to hold the PCB's in place (Donkey Kong didn't have the cage). I will also need the cable that connects the two PCBs together. Right now I have to switch it between DK and DK Jr. I also need the Stand offs that go between the boards, however, I might be able to use the ones for the PC. I should be getting my DK Jr. Front glass here this week! I added another story from Bob Roberts on the dangers of Super Glue and Heat. If you ever plan on using Super Glue, you better read this! Received my Mr. Do! CPO a couple days ago, also received a Willis Zaxxon overlay (Take what I can get and it looks pretty good, besides I have to cut it down to fit the Cabaret) Work looks like its slowing down a little so I might be able to get more done this month than the last couple of months. I have so much to work on, I have no idea where to start :-) Atleast while I am waiting on one thing, I have something else to do. Are you artistic? If you are and want to help me out with my Metrocross Marquee then please email me. I have scanned it in and am trying to make it one piece so I can reduce its size and print it out again for my Cabinet. Why? Read the Metrocross conversion page for more details... The site is approaching 17,000 hits! I would like to say thanks to everyone for visiting and for sending your comments in email. They truly are appreciated.

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8/21/2017 11:10:28 PM
Restoration/Preservation has begun on my Kickman.
It's not a full restoration, but more of a preservation of what is there.  I like trying to keep things as original as possible.  With that in mind, I can take a few chances on this one as the damage is already done.  I'm mainly trying to prevent even more damage when I can.  Worse comes to worse, I'll do a full restore on it down the road. 
11/14/2016 3:38:35 PM
Well, I decided to update RoboJuke with a new Motherboard, Processor and RAM. The old one was a Celeron 700 with 2MB of RAM running Windows XP. I upgraded to a Celeron N3150 (Quad Core 1.35Ghz), with 8GB of RAM running Windows 10.
After upgrading, I found out that the software I was using (Virtual Music Jukebox) wouldn't run on Windows 10. After looking for a replacement, I gave up and wrote my own Jukebox Software called "Simple JukeBox". It is avilable for FREE, you can read more about it here: http://forums.arcaderestoration.com/topics/17-Simple-JukeBox
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