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2/4/2001 12:00 AM

The NES Deca is in full swing now. Its been a rollercoaster ride for me as I try to address all the different issues. The rules page has been updated to hopefully address some of these.

Ordered Pac Man stencils from Arcade Renovations, hope to get those in a week or two. Plus some additional art. Look for more reviews when they show up.

Ever have one of those weeks where you wish you could have just slept in that week and let it pass? Well last week was one of those weeks.

My Saturn LS2 has been in the shop 13 times since the day I bought it (actually the first time was at a little over 2,000 miles). I am now getting a new Saturn. They are doing a "Buy Back", which translates to "Bend Over". I have to shell out around $2000 for my "Use" of my current Saturn in order to get the new one.

The $2000 pisses me off, but it does have some good coming out of it.

1) The Saturn Myth is broken for me. I no longer feel they can do no wrong.
2) I get a new car with Zero miles on it again
3) My insurance will go DOWN, yes you read that right, DOWN $16 a month because of new safety features.

The bad news...
1) I have to break in a new car
2) It will take 6 to 8 weeks for the car to come from the factory.
3) I have to shell out $2000
4) Lots of Stress.

The to add more stress to my life I decided to wipe out a days worth of work by inadvertantly overwritting the source code I had just worked on for the previous 8 hours. Lets just say I was not a Happy Camper and leave it at that.

Then to top off the week, my Hockey Team lost 12 to 4 tonight.

I think I'm going to skip next week....

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8/21/2017 11:10:28 PM
Restoration/Preservation has begun on my Kickman.
It's not a full restoration, but more of a preservation of what is there.  I like trying to keep things as original as possible.  With that in mind, I can take a few chances on this one as the damage is already done.  I'm mainly trying to prevent even more damage when I can.  Worse comes to worse, I'll do a full restore on it down the road. 
11/14/2016 3:38:35 PM
Well, I decided to update RoboJuke with a new Motherboard, Processor and RAM. The old one was a Celeron 700 with 2MB of RAM running Windows XP. I upgraded to a Celeron N3150 (Quad Core 1.35Ghz), with 8GB of RAM running Windows 10.
After upgrading, I found out that the software I was using (Virtual Music Jukebox) wouldn't run on Windows 10. After looking for a replacement, I gave up and wrote my own Jukebox Software called "Simple JukeBox". It is avilable for FREE, you can read more about it here: http://forums.arcaderestoration.com/topics/17-Simple-JukeBox
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