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8/13/2000 12:00 AM
I finnaly got past the third elevators in Donkey Kong last night! I missed the 100,000 point mark by a lousy 2,000 points! All I had to do was complete the next level and I would have my 100,000 points! Oh well, must have been too exicited :-)

Updated my 2600 collection again. I am now up to 388 carts, I also picked up quite a few for my Vic-20 and C64.

If you are interested in trading, please let me know. I will also trade across platforms. Such as Vic -> 2600, or 2600 -> Vic, etc... If you just want to get rid of your carts, I'll pay for shipping :-) @EMAIL@ me if you are interested.

I tried to clarify my trading policy for the 2600 carts a bit. I'm flexible in this area. I've tried getting some carts via eBay, and have managed to get a couple lots, but the price per cart is too much. If you frequent eBay for carts, I say stop unless it is truly a rare game or you're getting a good deal, which after shipping you're probably not.

Changed the speakers on my Gyruss. One was a 4" and the other was a 6" mounted to the side of the game. Factory speakers are 5 1/4". I went and picked up two from Radio Shack for $6 each and installed them. The game sounds a whole lot better now.

The restorations have slowed down for now due to the heat. Restorations will probably pick up again in October or November when I can actually go back out into the garage. :-)

I added an Atari 2600 Links category and I am looking for Atari 2600 Links, if you have them, please submitt them.

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8/21/2017 11:10:28 PM
Restoration/Preservation has begun on my Kickman.
It's not a full restoration, but more of a preservation of what is there.  I like trying to keep things as original as possible.  With that in mind, I can take a few chances on this one as the damage is already done.  I'm mainly trying to prevent even more damage when I can.  Worse comes to worse, I'll do a full restore on it down the road. 
11/14/2016 3:38:35 PM
Well, I decided to update RoboJuke with a new Motherboard, Processor and RAM. The old one was a Celeron 700 with 2MB of RAM running Windows XP. I upgraded to a Celeron N3150 (Quad Core 1.35Ghz), with 8GB of RAM running Windows 10.
After upgrading, I found out that the software I was using (Virtual Music Jukebox) wouldn't run on Windows 10. After looking for a replacement, I gave up and wrote my own Jukebox Software called "Simple JukeBox". It is avilable for FREE, you can read more about it here: http://forums.arcaderestoration.com/topics/17-Simple-JukeBox
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