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Dip switches used by this game
Manufactured by Irem (Taito license), Released in 1985
ROM Version: 10-Yard Fight '85 (US, Taito license)
Dip Switch:SW1
  OffOff    Time Reduced by Ball DeadNormal*
  OnOff    x1.3
  OffOn    x1.5
  OnOn    x1.8
Dip Switch:SW2
Off       Flip ScreenOff*
On       On
 Off      CabinetCocktail
 On      Upright*
  Off     Coin ModeMode 1*
  On     Mode 2
   Off    Slow Motion (Cheat)Off*
   On    On
    Off   Stop Mode (Cheat)Off*
    On   On
     Off  Level Select (Cheat)Off*
     On  On
      Off Invulnerability (Cheat)Off*
      On On
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