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Comment posted by Chris Walker on 11/14/2016
Looks great!!!!
See the Cloak & Dagger
Comment posted by JASON on 10/11/2016
Great article and site!! I picked up a dk jr upright. It has no cage around the flyback like my donkey kong and also pictured above. I also see no video inversion board anywhere. It plays fine. How is this possible? Also do you know If anyone sells a repo flyback cage. Thanks!!
Comment posted by paul on 8/29/2016
my bad 3/4
Comment posted by paul on 8/29/2016
cool right up but how thick is the plywood
Comment posted by Brien King on 7/1/2016
Based on the picture, I do not think the Any Coin will work. Sorry.
Comment posted by Lewis on 7/1/2016
Hello! I'm after the Any Coin V2, but unsure of which one I need. I have a Lords Vale Neo Geo cab in the UK and my current coin mech is a Coin Controls C220 8 coin validator.
Comment posted by John Butler on 6/3/2016
Hazel and I were just talking about you tonight. Hope all is well with you, and hope we can come out and visit sometime soon.
Comment posted by barry on 5/30/2016
Sorry, Fish. No shortcuts can be taken with a 20EZ. It takes time to do it right, but it's worth it. Replacing a board wouldn't help anyway, unless you knew the board had been recently capped.
Comment posted by Mark on 5/28/2016
Thanks Brian , this article was very helpful in correcting the axis for my new trackball..
Comment posted by fish on 5/28/2016
can u replace the whole cap board looking for easy way out can the board be removed without removing monitor