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Comment posted by Mike on 3/8/2017
Thanks so much for the many many of us you have helped. To anyone using the trial version of SketchUp, it expires in 30 days so work fast!
Comment posted by Chris Walker on 11/14/2016
Looks great!!!!
See the Cloak & Dagger
Comment posted by JASON on 10/11/2016
Great article and site!! I picked up a dk jr upright. It has no cage around the flyback like my donkey kong and also pictured above. I also see no video inversion board anywhere. It plays fine. How is this possible? Also do you know If anyone sells a repo flyback cage. Thanks!!
Comment posted by paul on 8/29/2016
my bad 3/4
Comment posted by paul on 8/29/2016
cool right up but how thick is the plywood
Comment posted by Brien King on 7/1/2016
Based on the picture, I do not think the Any Coin will work. Sorry.
Comment posted by Lewis on 7/1/2016
Hello! I'm after the Any Coin V2, but unsure of which one I need. I have a Lords Vale Neo Geo cab in the UK and my current coin mech is a Coin Controls C220 8 coin validator.
Comment posted by John Butler on 6/3/2016
Hazel and I were just talking about you tonight. Hope all is well with you, and hope we can come out and visit sometime soon.
Comment posted by barry on 5/30/2016
Sorry, Fish. No shortcuts can be taken with a 20EZ. It takes time to do it right, but it's worth it. Replacing a board wouldn't help anyway, unless you knew the board had been recently capped.
Comment posted by Mark on 5/28/2016
Thanks Brian , this article was very helpful in correcting the axis for my new trackball..